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Discover ancient China.

Explore the history of the legendary world market.

Experience the life along the Silk Road.

Appreciate unique collections from the past dynasties.

Founded in Xi’an, the eastern terminal of the Silk Road, the Tang West Market Museum is the first private on-the-site museum in China featuring the culture of the world famous Silk Road.

Located right on the original site of the West Market from the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the museum occupies an area of 3.3 acres with a construction area of 35,000㎡ out of which 11,000㎡ are exhibition area and 2500㎡ are dedicated to preservation.

The collection of the Museum has now expanded to a total of some 20,000 objects, mainly acquired through the fieldwork of its curators and the archeological findings from the original Tang West Market site in the past 20 years. The exhibits on display reflect a long history ranging from the Shang Dynasty (16th-11th century BC) to the Qing Dynasty (1636-1911). Various artifacts can be admired here, including mysterious bronze wares, colorful porcelains, clay figurines in various appearances, shining gold and silver vessels, exquisite silk products, delicate jade carvings, a rich collection of ancient coins and other items like epitaphs, religious objects and architectural antiques which demonstrate a highly developed culture and the wisdom of the ancient Chinese people.

The Museum is divided into five sections: the Permanent Exhibition, the Thematic Exhibition, the Temporary Exhibition, the Special Exhibition and an Art Gallery. The entire collection is presented with up-to-date display facilities featuring history, art, folklores and private donations. Cutting-edge research, high-profile public programs and the numerous international cooperation projects make the Museum one of the leading centers of expertise in the field of Silk Road cultures. With its beautiful environment, an easily accessible location and its expertise and public function, the museum is now one of the most visited places in Xi’an.


The four exhibitions in the Museum all have different features.

In the Permanent Exhibition section, visitors will embark on a journey to the West Market in the Tang Dynasty. Archeological findings from the market site like ruts of chariot wheels and road remains will bring the prosperity of the trade back to life for you in the section named “A Thriving Trade Center at the Starting Point of the Silk Road”

“Hands-on Experience of the Silk Road Crafts” is the focus of the Thematic Exhibition section where the making process of a couple of selected handicrafts popular at the heyday of the Silk Road is presented.

The Temporary Exhibition is dedicated to the exhibitions from other areas for the exchanges of Silk Road and ancient trade cultures.

The Special Exhibition section is reserved for two exhibitions of “Museum Treasures” and “Selected Tomb Epitaphs” where the fine artifacts could be admired in details.

The splendor of the ancient market has gone with time. But the memories will be refreshed in the museum where you will be able to envision the grandeur of the Tang Dynasty.